I still find it hard to believe they’re actually going to launch. We keep hearing about various things they’re working on that’s coming to a product like - like TouchID returning to iPhone - and they haven’t happened.

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I remember Windows XP tablet edition. It came out when touch screens were a brand-new gimmick. The tablet form factor was almost unusable with the software of the day. Sony made a handheld version. I think it came with a stylus.

Had Microsoft not been willing to piddle with the concept of a personal handheld version of Windows back then, would the Surface Pro exist today?

The problem with bringing new technologies to mature products is that it usually takes two or three generations for the full benefit of the new technology to be realized. Apple's "not invented here" attitude means that they consistently lag behind the adoption of new technology NOT invented by Apple. While a vision in his own right, Steve Jobs was just as myopic as everyone else about some things.

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