The only thing I want to hear about for the near term is the “what comes next” as the current era of tech ends — I mean, the crypto scam deflating, Twitter being run into the ground, ditto Meta with the poorly conceived metaverse , the exposure of so many once-wunderkinds as frauds and morons. That is the biggest story out there. It’s all collapsing, but what is next?

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Congrats on the 25 years. I love your articles on Znet one of the only reasons I subscribe.

You have helped my out quite a few times with your windows hints. The security suggestions have put my mind at rest, just keep on doing what you have been doing and I will be one happy Chappy

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Bring back the Media Center blog. I think it is time for a comeback!

Theories on the death of Windows 10 and how poorly it will be handled.

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after that invitation, how could I refuse? I'd like to backup Ray's comments and thank you for all the intelligent and reasonable discussions contributed over the years on the Redmond Empire. Particularly helpful was the reminders that the Windows 10 upgrade was still available and working. Only a few months ago, I decided to re-purpose a couple of old boxes and the upgrade work fine.

The big problem now of course is the threat posed by hackers and ransomware/identity theft/illegal snooping/et cetera/et cetera. Time to start adding Linux hints? A good start would be describing how to get an NTFS box to talk to a linux box over an ethernet network.

But really, I think you'll have your work fully described when we get closer to shutting down Windows 10.

Keep up the good work,


Allan H

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Congrats on the celebration. Given you're not constrained by a corporate set of rules, having a bit more of you in the stories would be fun. Learning the people I read are human like the rest of us is awesome.

You're technical antenna have always been good, so keep writing about things you find interesting. The odds are on we will too.

Last please keep at least some portion free, I'm maxed out with the number of writers/creators I pay to support. (Sorry).

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Congrats on the Silver anniversary, my friend. You guys are an amazing couple. Best to the jude.

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Dog pictures!

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First off, I have always liked your writings. I did like the short pointed remarks on Twitter you had. You found things too worthy of a "like" in the weird and not so wonderful. That reaction to events in time, non-technical, were worthy of that follow there on the Twitterverse, as you were on the pulse of Zeitgeist . Can that be replicated here in some way? I think you will need a social media presence to draw to here, if here is to be your destiny. Post looks very clean, co-opting paid substack features and unpaid twitter like features but it's scaling is a concern. Mastodon is like the past with complexity in a federated server of dare I say unmoderated hell by its nature. Counter Social is easy but unremunerative. Can "Elon" do what is being done with Post, which seems to be a test for the Twitter 2.0 he will run - he has vaporwared lots of things. The content of my comment here might spark a few ideas for you to eat up or not, but I do hope for the reader side of me, that you have a social media presence easy to follow. Substack alone is not it. Good luck.

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Dec 5, 2022Liked by Ed Bott

I would disagree happily with Lawrence, I think social media is often a bloody waste of all our time. Though I suppose the social media posts might alert people to the work here. Delighted to have a solid tech writer in my reads. Links to important tech stories would be good please.

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Dec 6, 2022·edited Dec 6, 2022

I’m going to agree with Lawrence in that I’m here for the writing. I’ve enjoyed the more acerbic wit on twitter, I’d appreciate the experienced view on the directions the industry is going. I’d like to hear opinions that I’m not always going to agree with, but I have no interest in following someone being a contrarian for $.

I don’t need tips on Windows shortcuts, but I am the de-facto IT support person in my immediate family so little nods towards keeping the muggles and their data safe will always be helpful.

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